Managing Change Programmes

Shifting the Culture of an Organisation


When the founder elects to sell his business to a larger organisation, this can leave a sense of continuing employee loyalty for the outgoing owner, a lack of understanding of the ‘new’ goals and general resistance about changing how “things are done around here”. For this Defence Sector company, a new Managing Director was appointed to manage the transition.


After an initial diagnostic, a vision for the business was established which:

  • brought the senior team together
  • allowed the required changes to be identified
  • provided a platform for engagement and communications

An outcome-based change plan was developed which included roles and responsibilities, ways of working and an office redesign. ‘Change Agents’ from within the business were involved in developing and delivering the plan, with supporting training and coaching from the Inspired Partners team. The desired cultural change required a mixture of tangible solutions supported by a shift in behaviours across the teams.


The transition was completed with little operational disruption. The business has a clear vision and a communications approach that regularly reaches 80% of the workforce. The changes touched everyone in the business with the improved working environment acting as a catalyst to reinforce the new ways of working.

Inspired Partners worked with us to change the business. They helped us to create our vision, plan the changes required and deliver key elements of the change.

Managing Director, Defence Sector

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