Improving Team Performance

Integrated Project Teams


The fourth Contract Director in three years was appointed to turn around an under-performing contract. He identified that Integrated Project Teams (IPTs) would have the biggest impact on performance and address a number of issues by:

  • introducing more collaborative working
  • removing the silos that existed between the different functions
  • turning groups of individuals into high performing teams


“The move to IPTs represented a significant change in ways of working for the team. Inspired Partners worked systematically and sympathetically to walk the team through the change; taking on board and addressing their concerns; drawing on their vast experience of delivering similar solutions for other business across a range of sectors.” Contract Director

Facilitated workshops were held to design the team structure, understand the internal and external relationships, and develop a visual working environment. To increase the sense of ownership the concept of stand-ups was introduced to focus everyone on project delivery.

The Team Leaders were given training and coached through doubts they had about this new way of working prior to the launch event for all team members.


The contract has completed the first stage of a significant change process. IPTs are now fully functional with over 50% of staff directly involved. The functional silos have been removed and day-to-day communications improved. Cascade planning has been introduced to improve timeliness of delivery which is making a difference to the contract’s financial performance and the client’s experience.

“I have been impressed by what is clearly active participation by the teams in capturing progress through the visual display boards. This should put us in a good place to ensure closer integration between our teams. This will ultimately result in improving the management of projects and programmes to time, cost and quality going forward.” Client Perspective

Their focussed and collaborative approach has transformed the relationships between the teams and developed a more collaborative and informed approach to delivery.

Contract Director, Civil Engineering Sector

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