Fostering Engagement

Employee Engagement Using Focus Groups


When a new Managing Director started at a global manufacturing and distribution firm, he observed that the internal communication culture was predominately top-down, leading to silos and ‘under the radar’ gossip-driven communications.

The business wanted to open up two-way internal communications, and encourage cross company collaboration and support. Employee Engagement was seen as a catalyst for this intervention.


Inspired Partners set up focus groups to give individuals a voice, and eight sessions were run with 15% of the workforce. We gained insight into areas that matter to the employees and revealed habits, myths and legends that influenced behaviours and current ways of working in the company.


Along with the views of the attendees, both positive and challenging, insights and next steps were presented to, and agreed with, the Senior Leadership Team.


The employees had an opportunity to ‘share their voice’ and felt as if they had been listened to. One individual attending the final briefing, stated “the information presented was a true reflection of what was said in the focus groups” which built credibility with the participants and their peers. The Senior Leadership Team took on the agreed actions to address the areas raised and continue to engage and communicate with staff from across the firm.

Inspired Partners listened to our requirements and designed solutions that fully met our expectations, making a real difference for the individuals involved.

Divisional HR Manager, Manufacturing Sector

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