Building Capability

Developing Team Leader Capability


A well-established business experienced significant growth over a short period of time. Team leaders had been used to managing colleagues they knew, and suddenly were being asked to manage bigger teams with individuals new to the business. They needed to inspire a sense of belonging within their teams through their leadership.


Inspired Partners were asked to design and deliver bespoke training to better equip the leaders and supervisors to lead and manage their teams. We combined theory and practice, based on proven tools and techniques, including some of the soft skills vital to develop as leaders.

A five day Management Development Programme was created to meet the needs of this mixed audience. As well as more formal sessions, one-to-one coaching addressed any specific concerns and reinforced learning. The training was endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and culminated in each individual delivering a presentation to the Managing Director prior to their final assessments.


Every delegate achieved the desired standard for formal ILM endorsement. This, combined with the coaching support, gave them the confidence to use their leadership skills on a daily basis which resulted in more coherent teams and less ‘people issues’ being raised with the HR team.

The ILM Management Development Programme was informative, engaging, fun and thought provoking. It was expertly facilitated and delivered by the Inspired Partners team.

HR Manager, Food and Beverage Sector

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