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Inspired Partners recognise every business is unique. We work alongside businesses to determine the best approach and get results. Whether it is a one-day training event or a six month change programme, you'll find working with Inspired Partners an enriching experience.

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Inspired Partners have been working in partnership with kohola.
We were invited to work with the senior management team at SEA using the kohola solution to achieve some positive results.

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“Inspired Partners understand change and the impact it has on people. They are therefore well placed to guide a business through a critical change programme to ensure it has the maximum impact.”

Managing Director, Defence Sector

“Could another company have done it as passionately, in the same engaging manner, making the journey enjoyable and leaving behind a long-lasting, positive effect on the team? Definitely not! Thanks to Inspired Partners for helping us through our transformation journey.”

Head of HR Services, Service Sector

“I always enjoy working with the Inspired Partners team. They are dedicated, working hard to understand the business and deliver a collaborative solution engaging the business in the change. Their ‘can do’ attitude ensures they complete successful projects in the agreed timescales.”

Contract Director, Civil Engineering Sector

"Inspired Partners bring a wealth of knowledge based on years of practical experience in change management. Their approach is people-friendly, realistic and reassuringly jargon-free. Their consultants are enthusiastic, thorough and have the drive and persistence to make sure we see it through - without losing their sense of humour!"

HR Manager, Manufacturing Sector

"Inspired Partners provided both the programme and change management skills necessary to introduce change in a short period of time, as well as the facilitation to win over the hearts and minds of the subjects of the change."

Programme Director, Engineering Sector

“Inspired Partners brought business experience from other sectors which helped us frame our thinking around our vision for the future and develop a three year strategy to get there. They were at times challenging but always supportive and helped us to define our path to the future."

Managing Director, Legal Sector

“Our work with Inspired Partners has been most helpful in the growth of our business. They assessed the areas we needed to work on, helped us develop our business plans and provided solutions to potential problems. Since the workshops, we have expanded the business by employing two new people in Sales and Marketing.”

Managing Director, Manufacturing Sector

“Inspired Partners helped us think through the people side of our IT‑enabled change project. We realised that unless we could bring our people with us, we wouldn’t get the return on investment we were looking for from our new IT tools. They helped us to get the business ready for the tool instead of just getting the tool ready for the business.”

Project Manager, Public Sector

“Sally brought to the Innovation Camp a meticulously structured blueprint. She provided the creative spark that was needed to keep the plan moving forward and keep the stakeholders highly motivated. The Innovation Camp would not have achieved all of its outcomes without Sally’s significant change management expertise.”

Head of Learning & Innovation, Pharmaceutical Sector

“Working with Inspired Partners means working with genuine people who genuinely want to make a difference.”

Project Manager, Retail Sector

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