Nature Walks - Inspired by Charlie Changeman

Today’s society has turned further away from nature than previous generations. But research shows that nature is a necessity, not a luxury, as it benefits us both physically and mentally. Humans evolved in nature and it’s where we feel at our best and most comfortable.

Our nature walks are curated to bring the landscape to life and connect people with nature, whilst taking on board the specific needs of the client. Whether you are looking to:

  • Improve Employee Wellbeing
  • Build Collaborative Team Working
  • Explore a Change Challenge
  • Or just try something different.

Each experience offers a healthy alternative to workshops held in meeting rooms. They last for around 3 hours with the following steps:

  • The pre-brief for context setting
  • A 90 minute walk along a pre-planned route
  • Thought provoking conversations at each curated waypoint
  • A facilitated debrief to capture key outcomes.

If your company is looking for something different, but not too extreme, an Inspired Partners curated nature walk could be the answer you are looking for.

Click on each pair of boots below to find out more.

Our curated nature walks have been inspired by the writings of Charlie Changeman during the pandemic and beyond…
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