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Inspired Partners are a change management company who make a difference.

Our clients experience real value delivered to their organisations, with tangible improvements to their bottom line through increased business performance. We unlock potential by using practical techniques to motivate, inspire and equip people to make effective and sustainable improvements within their business.

We do not provide ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions. Rather, using proven tools and a structured approach, we work collaboratively to develop bespoke solutions for our clients that align with existing change activities and deliver sustained long-term improvements.

Established in 2004, our team has delivered successful outcomes for clients ranging from large multi-national organisations to academic institutions and small UK companies. Our assignments can be large projects, small interventions or support in an advisory capacity.

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Some of their methods appear 'off the wall', but when they are analysed it's amazing how pertinent they always are to the point or issue. There is always "method in their madness".

Business Manager, Defence Sector

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